Welcome to Harin's Library!

Welcome to Harin's Library, an unofficial but in-character wiki of the Realms of Saphriel. Feel free to look around the library, those who seek knowledge of the world.

Harin's Library is not affiliated with the Kingdom, and is entirely run from Harin's own silver and donations. We are unrelated to the Barkamsted Library or the Falkvard Library.

Contact Harin in Barkamsted if you have any inquiries.

Important Notices

Harin of line Althmor is currently looking for scribes who will help organize the various notes in the library, as well as maintain the papers. We can discuss the pay later.

We're currently looking for any contributions people may have for Harin's Library of Knowledge. Please contact Harin with notes you encounter!

(( If you are a GM and if you have any concerns with any articles, please let me know via Skype!))

(( This is B-canon lore, so not everything here is canon, and some information may have been added in accidental metagaming. Use info here at your own risk!))

(( GM have the right to remove any information here that shouldn't be public knowledge, and they are the owners of all content this wiki is based off of. ))

Latest activity

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